About Us

Atlas is a digital coaching platform run by female athletes, for female athletes.

The co-founders are ex-ski racers who watched so many of their friends struggle to survive on limited stipends, who were forced to “pay to play” and eventually faced the choice of whether to continue to pursue their sporting dreams or get a job. We want our athletes of today to never forget the love they had for the game and connect them with the athletes of tomorrow by providing a path to inspiration and commercial sustainability.

The way we interact with our fans and community is rapidly changing. Atlas taps into the gig economy and digital training trend that has significantly grown during Covid-19 and gives women dedicated space to capitalize and monetize on this trend. We are building females an infrastructure in sport by helping today’s current athletes make additional revenue and add to the value of their digital persona.

We live in an age of personalization, digital autographs, digital coaching and user-generated content; Atlas gives female athletes the space to enter that conversation and monetize it. It ensures that female athletes or coaches can embrace and benefit from the opportunity of the digitization of sport.

As a woman in sport and tech, I’m tired of seeing stats like men’s league’s still captured 93% of dollars spent on sport or how Steph Curry made 3x as much as every single player in the WNBA combined. This is why we are launching an all-female athlete/coach platform.

We believe Atlas is one of many steps in delivering on the vision of keeping the door open for the next generation. Atlas is my core belief in a strong and sustainable product whereby we can make a real and tangible difference. It is rooted in the conviction that when we lift our professional women of today we inspire the next generation with it.

– Christina Billotti